The Reviews are in for Crazy For You!

The reviews are starting to come in, and without a doubt Crazy For You is a crowd-pleasing hit! Here are some of the quotes from the reviews of DC Metro Theater Arts and Bay Weekly:

“Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre’s production of Crazy for You is a fabulous celebration of song, music, and dancing.”

“It is an excellent mixture of music, singing, and dancing, making the show feel like a star-studded, old-time musical.”

“Choreographer Andrew Gordon has done an excellent job adapting Susan Stroman’s (original Broadway) choreography.”

“It is spectacular to watch, with lifts, high kicks, and twirls throughout the show.”

“It is an amazing display of talent, reminiscent of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts’ work.”

“It takes a little chutzpah and a lot of hard work for a community theater to try to perform Crazy for You with the original Broadway choreography. With plenty of both, Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre has scored.”

“The dancing awes, and the music and singing soars, riveting the audience for a full two and one-half hours (plus a 15-minute intermission)”

“Godfrey and Jackson are wonderful to watch as the young romantic leads.”

Crazy for You is like ice cream on a hot day: a summertime treat. Treat yourself and your friends and go see it.”

“You’d be crazy to miss it!”

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Still not convinced? check out this fun preview video for the show: