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Volunteers shine brightly at ASGT!

ASGT is a community theatre led by volunteers. With no paid staff, we rely on support from our patrons, donors, and hundreds of volunteers each summer. All of our actors, technicians, crew, ushers, ticket office staff, and Board members are volunteers, and most are based in our local community.

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Ready to sign up to usher on specific show nights?  Click the SignUp.com button below to choose your dates. Direct any questions to the House Director.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: ASGT is currently seeking a Communications Director and Volunteer Director to serve on our volunteer Board. These positions are elected for two-year terms and offer excellent opportunities to develop your skills, grow your resume, support a local organization, and give back to your community. For more information, click here.

PRODUCTION TECHNICAL MANAGERS: The Technical Manager (TM) oversees all technical aspects of one or more seasonal productions including, but not limited to, sound, and lighting. Responsibilities include coordinating the tasks of each technical department, attending technical rehearsals and production meetings, and being an on-call resource for technical support during the shows’ run. For more information, click here.

PRODUCTION MANAGERS: The production manager (PM) is the administrator of all aspects of a production, assisting the director by performing administrative tasks required so the director can focus attention on the artistic process. The PM serves as the production’s primary interface to the show’s producers (ASGT’s Board of Directors) and works with the board liaison to provide frequent status reports, resolve questions of operational procedure, and maintain the production budget. For more information, click here.

STAGE MANAGERS: The stage manager (SM) is a key member of the artistic team from the early planning stages through the rehearsal process and through the closing performance. The SM maintains the quality, artistic integrity, and smooth operation of the production through the run of the show, preserving the director’s vision. The SM calls the show from the tech booth and works hand-in-hand with actors, technical staff, and backstage crew to ensure the best possible artistic product for ASGT. For more information, click here.

GENERAL NOTICE: If you’re interested in ushering, helping in the Ticket Office, working tech or backstage crew, or lending a hand in any of the areas listed below, please click the Volunteer Form button above and complete the form. We’ll be in touch to find a place for you at ASGT during the current or upcoming season. Direct any questions to the Volunteer Director.

BOARD MEETINGS: ASGT Board meetings take place on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. All are welcome to attend to learn about ASGT and the many ways to get involved. From April-September, meetings are held at the theatre; October-March they may take place off-site. Any postponements, location changes, or other updates will be posted on our Calendar of Events and our Facebook page.

Yearning for the spotlight? Open auditions are held each year in the late winter or early spring. Dates and requirements are announced on our Auditions page, on our social media pages, and in our e-mail newsletter. A press release announcing auditions is sent to the media.

During auditions, call backs, and rehearsals, all those present must abide by ASGT’s official Audition Policy. Please review it carefully.

Questions? E-mail the Production Director.

Interested in one of the volunteer opportunities? Click the Volunteer Form button above and complete the form.


Props Designer & Props Assistant

What’s Singing in the Rain without an umbrella, or Monty Python’s Spamalot without a killer rabbit? Props Designers identify the props needed for each show, design those that must be built, and devise a plan to borrow, rent, purchase, or build those items with help from the Props Assistant. Together, the Designer and Assistant organize the props for the cast, make necessary repairs during the run, and return borrowed/rented items after closing night.

Costume Assistant

Whether you’re an experienced seamstress or looking to gain experience with costumes, ASGT can use your help. As a Costume Assistant, you’ll help the Costume Designer with everything from sewing on buttons to alterations, laundering costumes, and returning rented/borrowed pieces after closing night.

Hair & Makeup Assistant

Experienced stylists and those looking to gain experience are welcome at ASGT. As a Hair Assistant or Makeup Assistant you can get creative, devising custom looks for our performers’ hair/wigs or makeup.


Some productions require quick costume changes by members of the cast. As a dresser, you provide critical support for our actors during performances by preparing costume pieces for quick changes and assisting with those changes backstage or in the wings.

Interested in one of these volunteer opportunities? Click the Volunteer Form button above and complete the form.

Running Crew

Every show at ASGT has distinct crew requirements, including Assistant Stage Managers, backstage running crew, spotlight operators, and more. Whether you’re an old pro or new to the theatre, we welcome your participation and will gladly provide training.

Set Building

It takes huge sets to fill ASGT’s huge stage, and that means lots of building! Due to our outdoor setting and limited storage space, our sets are generally used for only one season. Each year brings new opportunities to gain experience as part of our set crew. Volunteers are needed three times per summer to assist our Master Set Builder. Volunteer as much or as little time as you like—all help is appreciated.

Set Painting

ASGT welcomes volunteer set painters! Help is needed three times per summer to assist our Master Scenic Artist with painting base coats and adding some decorative touches. Volunteer as much or as little time as you like—all help is appreciated.

Light Crew

Whether you’re a master electrician or just getting started in electrics, our Lighting Designers can use your help running light board and/or hanging and focusing lighting instruments for each show. The latter is a great job for anyone who’s good with a wrench and NOT afraid of heights!

Sound Crew

What good is an amazing show if you can’t hear it? Members of the sound crew execute each show’s sound design and assist with body mics, sound checks, and more. Whether you’re an experienced sound technician or looking to gain experience, we’d love your help!

Ticket Office

Staffed by volunteers, our ticket office needs help on show nights to sell tickets, staff “Will Call”, prepare bank deposits, and keep sales records. Support is also needed during the week to retrieve voicemail messages and fill orders. Volunteer just a few nights each summer or regularly…it’s up to you!

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Ushers meet and greet our patrons, helping to create a positive experience for our audience. They tidy the theatre space before the show, take tickets, hand out programs, help people to their seats, monitor any disruptive activity (very rare), answer audience questions, and clean up after the performance. Plus, ushers get to see the show for free.

Interested? Click the Volunteer Form button above and complete the form. Returning ushers may click the SignUp.com button to sign up to work specific show nights.

College students on summer break are always welcome at ASGT as volunteer performers, tech crew, backstage crew, or general volunteers. Internships in specific interest areas may also be available for college credit.

Interested? Click the Volunteer Form button above and complete the form, or e-mail the Production Director.

ASGT is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. These dedicated individuals are committed to governing and doing the work required to produce “theatre under the stars” each summer. Participating at this level, you trade your time for the rewards of partnering with those equally committed to producing top-notch theatre experiences for the community. Serving on the Board is also a great way to learn new skills, enhance your resume, and give back to the community.

Serving on a Board committee is a great way for new and existing supporters to learn more about ASGT, get involved, and make a difference. Committees include ASGT Board members and volunteers.

Visit our Organization page to explore committees with which you might participate, to find info about attending Board meetings, or to contact a specific Board member.

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With no paid staff, ASGT depends on volunteers. We welcome your general support with cleaning, painting, errands, gardening, minor repairs, building maintenance, or whatever activity appeals to you! If you have specific business skills to offer—photography, legal, accounting, contracting, etc.—please contact us and we will find a place for you at ASGT.

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