Auditions – Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz – Audition Announcement

Location: Anne Arundel Community College – CADE Building, Room 107

  • Wed, Feb. 7 – 7:00 PM
  • Sat. Feb 10 – 10:00 AM
  • Callbacks – Sat Feb. 10 – Approx. 1:30 PM

Altar Boyz – Cast Breakdown

Altar Boyz is a special show opportunity that requires 5 strong young men who can sing, dance, act, and fit the physical mold of the requisite stereotypes of the standard Backstreet Boys/*NSync type boy band, who in this case spread the word of the Lord in funky fresh song and dance. The show is a clever amalgamation of pop music and dance fused with witty lyrics and a wonderful message about friendship and unity. The final cast result must blend together physically and musically to be a legitimate boy band.

Candidates should prepare the best 16 bars a pop or pop-Broadway style song in the style of the show to best show off their vocals, and dress prepared to dance in the Backstreet style. Many moves salute the actual boy band signature dances of the day, so it would be wise to research some old Backstreet/*NSync/New Kids on the Block/98˚ videos on YouTube. Candidates will be asked to be familiar with and sing specialty solo songs at callbacks, listed with the character below. Candidates will also be tested with the ability to musically blend with other potential group members.

The Boyz

(all of a comparable age, 18*-30, any race)

  • Matthew (tenor C3-B4) The Cover Boy. Matthew is the frontman of the group and is everything that goes along with that – pretty, smooth, charismatic, and a natural leader to the group who can really work a crowd. Think Justin Timberlake/Nick Lachey
    Song to Know: I Believe
  • Mark (tenor C3-E5) The Sensitive One. Mark is the youngest of the group, very fashion conscious, and their choreographer. In the mold of Lance Bass, he is gentle, loving, and the most sincere of the group. He also just may be on the verge of some sexuality issues.
    Song to Know: Epiphany
  • Luke (baritone C3-A4) The Bad Boy. Or at least as bad a boy you can find in a boy band. Luke is from the streets, not the brightest member of the band, and must possess mad beatbox and rap skills. A Donnie Wahlberg wannabe and have great dimbulb comic timing.
    Song to Know: Work on Your Soul; rap sections of The Miracle Song
  • Juan (tenor C3-B♭4) The Latin Lover. Because there’s always a Puerto Rican in the group. Juan smolders with a young Ricky Martin intensity and sex appeal to spare. He must master a sexy Puerto Rican accent.
    Song to Know: La Vida Eternal
  • Abraham (tenor C3-B4) The Nice Guy. He’s Jewish. Slightly nebbishy (but wants to be hip—check out his rap skills), Abraham is the composer, the talent behind the music. Abraham is the peacemaker of the group and values the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
    Song to Know: I Believe; rap sections of The Miracle Song

NOTE: All roles are open to actors of any ethnicity.

* Must be 18 as of opening night, June 28, 2018