Call for Board Members

Do you:

  • want to develop your skills or grow your resume?
  • want to give back to your community?
  • have valuable skills to contribute to a local organization?
  • enjoy live theatre under the stars in Annapolis?

Volunteer Director

ASGT is currently seeking a Volunteer Director. This is a volunteer Board position elected for a two-year term.

The Volunteer Director manages the volunteer recruitment and retention efforts of ASGT, and has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Represent ASGT in order to solicit new volunteers.
  2. Coordinate with the Public Relations Director to promote volunteer opportunities in the
    local media.
  3. Respond to inquiries from potential volunteers and refer potential volunteers to the
    appropriate Board members.
  4. Coordinate a Volunteer open house for people interested in assisting at the theatre prior to
    the beginning of the season.
  5. Maintain a contact list of volunteers and provide access to the Communications Director
    and to the appropriate Board members.
  6. Ensure that there is a job description for each position in the theatre that requires
    volunteers and ensure that this information is published and available for workshop day and
    potential volunteers.
  7. Follow up with volunteers to see that they are matched with suitable volunteer
  8. Ensure that each volunteer understands the reporting and communications structure of the
  9. Plan and carry out periodic volunteer appreciation activities as approved by the Board.
  10. Work with other members of the board to determine each director’s volunteer needs in
    order to help fill those needs.

Communications Director

ASGT is currently seeking a Communications Director. This is a volunteer Board position elected for a two-year term.

The Communications Director is responsible for managing ASGT’s official communications via our official communication channels, including our website, e-mail platform, social media accounts, online surveys, and printed season brochure. He/She engages the theatre’s constituents and ensures they are informed of upcoming events and opportunities at ASGT.

It’s important to note that ours is a working board. The theatre has no paid staff, so Board members are hands-on, managing and performing the functions for which they are responsible. Additional volunteers may be recruited to support Board members by serving on a committee or performing specific duties within each area of responsibility.

To learn more, send a letter of interest and resume to We will then share the job description and schedule a conversation.

We are also happy to receive referrals to other potential candidates that we could contact.